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Mon, Jan 10, 2022 1:19 AM

totally useless getting SS to do anything , independently

getting any thing done from SS is a almost total wasted effort of their customers time and money.

the forum is a waste also.  MY LAST POST !

you can not get SS to fix their product page!

one of their Techs that I finally was able to explain what I want did get me ONE simplicam outdoor kit.

I needed two. She finally agreed the kits used to be visible on the product order page but she says for some reason many customer's can no longer see them! 

Come on lady I'm dumb but not stupid!  SS has removed them from the product page!   I didn't

usually on week ends I have one camera that disconnects! I'm on a private network running 250 plus GB  WOW A great internet system so don't blame the( MY) internet.

SS HAS  issues with they need better equipment and you fill in the  blank ----------!'s  it always says they are working on the issues, That was what a internet company told us for years until we got a coop to install a fiberoptic system and shut Spectrum out of our area west Tn.  only way to get any big company's attention is to cut off their food chain $$$$.

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Hello dbntn,


Apologies for missing your other posts.


You are correct, the Outdoor Kit for the Indoor Camera is no longer available on the website. It was conceived as a stopgap for those looking for an outdoor solution, But of course since the camera itself was not designed for that purpose, it had never been the best experience.


Now that we have the Wireless Outdoor Camera, the Outdoor Kit has been phased out. It may still be available over the phone from our Support team, while stocks last.


As for the second issue - you mention that you have one camera that seems to disconnect only on the weekends. Is that one of the ones you have outside?

It sounds like you have plenty of download bandwidth on your internet connection, but the bigger factor would be the upload speed. We recommend 1.5mbps upload per camera, on top of what your other devices use. So if you do a lot of streaming or video calls, you'd need more.

And the other factor is the quality of the signal between the camera and your WiFi router. There could be interference (either other WiFi signals, or dense objects literally getting in the way). Or the camera could just be too far away.

If you like, I can put you in touch with a Specialist who can help with more advanced troubleshooting.

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so, you ( SS ) sold us a stopgap solutions ? what other stopgaps have SS sold to their customers'? 

First Mr Davey I will NOT be  purchasing your OUT DOOR Camera, I want wired cameras You know Electricity  feed! Now I am getting very concerned as SS up and UP !

all I want is what you were promoting earlier with your indoor cameras with a weather shield.  I never asked for a 100% guarantee or rebate. I've been completely happy with the rubber shield . I have my cameras concealed outside in the dry ! but want the added protection. Many of YOUR customer were and are happy with that stopgap as you refer to it! we are tying up SS  employees for hours trying to purchase a simple piece of rubber  your dollars I'm retired and have plenty of time! 

so how about getting us an address so we can buy that stopgap .product from your vendor or some other source.  and my internet speed was incorrect it is as follows   Download 5 ms Ping 258.1MBPS and upload speed is 1 MS  jitter 259.1 MBPS my internet provider says YOU got the issue and I believe them! My internet provider goes all out they will come to my house and monitor my complete system FREE they do not want a negative against their company! You also are welcome to come check my complete system! and don't tell me you can check it from your office I've heard that before and had the unplugged router in my hand while that X company swore my router was fine ! I have been satisfied with S S over all until SS starts and keeps pointing their long finger at their customer's having the issues and never on SS end. ONE issue maybe incompetent employees being hired ? but I bet that isn't on SS end either !! the drop out  problem cameras are on your end! I've got extenders, the best people working on the coverage and my coverage extends 20 times the area my cameras are operating!  all this has arrived over your tech sent me who know what it is?  posing to be a simplicam outdoor kit that looks more like a door stop although I was able to talk with one online SS person that knew what she was doing and sent me one correct Simplecam outside kit but I need ONE MORE . wow one can get you what you need and one send me a doorstop or a ( stopgap) i guess . SS has some great employees! some needing training help apparently, some great Techs some needed help for sure !  I will be a SS supporter as long as SS wants to keep improving on their end for a change. I have pushed SS in my community but I'm backing off for a spell . If you would like to direct my internet Provide to contact SS and discuss the cams drooping from time to time all I will need a contact person and time to arrange this I do believe.

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I was wrong! I have talked with SS techs since my last post and apologized to Chris I believe is his name! 

 for my comments about SS. 

1st. i accused SS of always pointing their finger at the customer and or their internet provider.( I have had some providers in the passed years were as bad a the ( Hooterville phone service )  I strongly disagreed with anyone that says my internet is the problem ( I have Gibson connect) great provider and service!  I said I have the best internet provider and I do!

 Christ attempted two or three times to contact me and help me with my cameras dropping out from time to time. Mainly my drops happen on Sunday night??

 I thought everyone is on their computer! and could have been one problem?

I have added wi-fi extenders provided ( added 5.00 a month) by my internet company so I am positive I have excess coverage.

 Let me explain please( I am dealing with lung cancer again but this time They could not do surgery and I had radiation, Chemo, and in my 8th. month on immunotherapy! Up to 5 days after my immuno treatment I should be away from phones, computers and the world! then I come back down for 9 day until the next treatment. I become irritated and aggravated and quick to express my opinion. 

I was WRONG ! SimpliSafe was not the problem! My internet provider was NOT the problem.

What I found by complete accident was I had rearranged my room and removed all the cords from everything and that is a LOT of cords and reinstalled everything I needed! Everything!

I had in past used an old computer that was not wi fi ready ( It was OLD and a great old tower for twenty years, I decided I  wanted a new Laptop wireless wi-fi ready and got a good one. I  saw no reason to reconnect my (USB WiFi adapter )  and forgot all about it. Now my cameras dropping out starts until about 3 weeks of brain racking and nail bites one night I noticed the cord hanging down behind my laptop and wondered what is this cord!? I pluged the usb into my laptop and every since I am not have cameras dropping or any other issues? I am not computer savvy and I do not know if this was the whole problem, BUT The external wi-fi appears to be solving my problem for now. I guess the internal wi-fi didn't do the job needed?

Thanks' SS for your patience, and for all the great service and PROTECTION you have provided me and my wife with. I love the smoke detector it has  saved my life  without my hearing aids and I was alone and asleep long naps I left something cooking and it burned and filled my house with smoke.. SS could not wake me, the cops and fire dept. was on the scene beating on my window and ringing my SS doorbell . Yes this is long it is accurate and FACTURAL . THANKS Simplisafe ! dlbntn SS is like all other companies , You just keep calling and trying until you get the RIGHT person!

P S I have installed a Siren next to my bed That does the waking up !

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I think there might be something specific about your main router that our equipment wasn't working with, and there could still be something we can do to figure that out.

But for now, we're just super glad that you were able to figure out a solution that works.