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Triggering Alarm/Siren from App

Simplisafe please add this feature to the app!  My house was broken into a few weeks ago and I've added exterior cameras that detect motion.  I'd really like to be able to trigger the alarm remotely if I'm not at home but my exterior cameras send me an alert that someone is snooping around my house.  When my home was broken into, he left as soon as the alarm went off (30 seconds) but if I could manually activate the alarm before the criminal even gets into the house, I'm pretty sure that would dissuade them.

In the meantime, can C.O.P.S. dispatch manually trigger the alarm/siren for me if I call them?

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At this time, there is no way to manually trigger a local alarm remotely - whether by you or by us. The only way to trigger an alarm is by being at the protected location.

But thank you for your suggestion. For your situation, we can also suggest that you set at least some of your sensors to Instant Trigger (you can set these in the Keypad settings, on a per-sensor basis). With the feature enabled, those sensors will trigger an alarm instantly, without the countdown!

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+1 for being able to trigger the alarm via the app - this could be very useful and shouldn't be terribly difficult to implement.  Agree with the original poster that this would also make motion alerts from cameras all the more useful to the user.

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I asked for this a couple of years ago and so far it hasn't been done. I found a work around and it will work. I put an entry sensor on my cd tray on my home computer and set it to trigger immediately. You have to put Team Viewer (or software that allows remote connection) on that PC (and your phone/tablet) so you can connect to it from wherever you might be. There is a command that will open (and close) the cd tray and I used that as the command on an icon on my desk top. So, I can connect to my pc and open the cd tray and the alarm will sound. This is what I used in the open command - nircmd.exe cdrom open F: (replace F with your cd drive letter) and to close it - nircmd.exe cdrom close F:. I labelled the icons Panic open and Panic close. Hope this helps. I have an external siren so I'm hoping to prevent a break in before it happens like you.

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I understand the request for automation/panic button but it's not here.

If you get a camera motion alert and can see someone breaking in/attempting to break in, in the interests of time, I suggest it would be prudent to call the Police directly. Every additional step increases response time.

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I agree with calling the police. My idea was to hopefully scare someone off if you see them lurking around outside of your house. And, if you live in a rural area like some do, the police may not get there until it's way too late.