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Sat, Mar 12, 2022 7:41 PM

Two accounts one app

How can I add another account with a separate login to my one simplisafe app? 

We want the ability to view our fathers account/cameras through the app. We have our home obviously on our phones, but I see nowhere the option to add another account that can be toggled back and forth. 

I'm sure this is a problem for a lot of adult children who happen to have the same alarm systems as their parents. I mean usually families use the same companies because word of mouth is the greatest advertising. 

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Il y a 5 m

Hi fcgillman83,

Unfortunately, the SimpliSafe app is only able to support one login at a time. So you'd need to log out of your personal account to log into your father's account.

That is, unless both of your systems are under the same account, so you can toggle between the two systems without having to log out. But that means both you and your father would have access to all systems under that account.

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@davey_d​ - I have the same question as the original poster but mine is our company has a SimpliSafe System and I have one at my home.   As the account manager on our company system and of course for my home...it is quite the pain to have to login and out to go to the other account.  Is the ability to have access to 2 accounts under 1 app a possibility in the future?