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Two wifi networks

I have a separate detached garage that I want to cover with a camera, extra keypad, siren, and two door sensors. The salesperson told me I can connect all this to my separate wifi in the back. My base station is in the front wifi. I had to get a seperate wifi connection in the back because its too far away, and separated by two block walls. Ive been on hold for an hour to ask this question.

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Hi leohadleyjr,

That's a great question.

First you should know that the alarm system components (Keypad, Siren, Sensors, etc.) all connect to the Base Station directly, through their own local radio signal. So they don't use WiFi at all.
The range of the sensors is around 800ft over open air, and would naturally be reduced if the signal is passing through walls. A detached garage shouldn't be a problem, unless there were brick or stone walls in the way, or metal siding.

As for cameras, they connect differently - through WiFi, and not the Base Station directly. So your garage camera should have no trouble connecting via that separate WiFi network.

- Johnny M.
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Interesting thread and nice to learn new things in the forums.  Not bad for such an outdated format, still useful after all these years. Imagine what will be avaiable with when the new CRC is put in production.  Up first: Live online webinar hosted by our favorite Johnny M to answer your questions live! Popcorn optional.....:-)

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