Sun, Jan 26, 2020 7:33 PM

Unreachable Customer Care

What time should I call the customer care? I tried calling them yesterday and again today, and was on hold for 45 mins. No one picked up.. Crazy.. Simplisafe needs to re-haul their customer service. No way for me to reach to them. My base station is not able to connect to the dispatch service. Guys, this is critical. This is what iI have paid you for.. Please call me ASAP.

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I have tried  to reach customer care numerous times on various days, without success.  I am beginning to wonder if the monitoring service actually works.  The first day I installed the system I was able to speak to someone, who made an appointment to call me back the next day at a certain.  She never called, and since then no one answers the phone.  I am beginning to have second thoughts about the system.



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Best time to get someone is in the morning, at 9 am (ET) when they first open, then press #1 for sales, someone should answer sooner.