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Sun, Feb 27, 2022 2:07 PM

Unreliable System BREAK-IN NOT RECORDED!!!

We purchased 3 outdoor cameras, a doorbell camera, motion sensors and entry sensors.  Our system has never worked consistently.  We have contacted customer service and have tried all their suggestions, installing a whole house mesh system, wifi extenders, different batteries, etc.  We continued to try things at the suggestion of their customer service and they skillfully kept us on the hook until the time ran out to return the system.

This week we had an actual break in attempt.  I was home alone and scared the intruder off with a large knife as he was at my window.  Simplisafe caught NOTHING on camera.  I find this unacceptable.  SS customer service repeatedly says it is our wifi.  I work from home completely on line and have NO trouble with my wifi with any other applications from meetings to large media upload and downloads.

Am I the only one?  Should I just cancel my service and throw the equipment in the trash?  At this point it is causing more anxiety than safety.

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Il y a 6 m

Hi @ldunlevy71 ,

I'm very sorry to hear about these multiple issues you've been having with your system. We've got our specialists on the case, and they'll reach out soon to get your whole system working properly ASAP.



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Il y a 6 m

@ldunlevy71 First, glad you and your family are safe.  Scary situations like this can be life altering.  

If you have monitoring, did the system contact dispatch? Did the alarm sound?  Did the intruder go through a protected entry (door or window) point/area? What covered the area, motion glass break etc? What camera failed to record the intruder? (Was the entry area in the covered range of your camera, outside or in?

To answer your last question, I have 2 outdoor cameras, one doorbell and 3 inside Simplicams, and all work as they should.  I do have a "blind" side in one area that I will address in the spring.  Have Google WIFI  with one router and 3 remote access points.


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@captain11​ The doorbell camera did not record it and remains off line.  The break in was through a window next to the door in full view of the camera.  Nothing else was tripped because I was awake so motion detectors were not armed.  (I have no idea if those actually work because they have never been set off. ) Frequently I get a message that different sensors or cameras are not responding.

Super frustrating since it has been months of back and forth with SimpliSafe.  This just highlighted the fact that the system lets us down when we need it.

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Il y a 6 m

Update, still working on the system and my step daughter just came home and said she doesn't bother to set it anymore because everytime she does she gets a message that something is not responding and she figured why bother.  This has been a huge waste of money and time and frustration.



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What is your internet speed?  SS will tell you that each camera requires 2 MB, but typically, any wifi camera will need up to 5 MB upload speed - this is for EACH camera.

I'm assuming you've been on the phone with SS with troubleshooting?  Is the interior or exterior of your home metal or brick? (both can cause interference, or block signals) - Is your base station centrally located in your home so that the window/door sensors' signals can reach the base station?

Your stepdaughter not arming the system:  does she tell you what exactly the errors are ('not responding')?