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Tue, Dec 28, 2021 9:12 PM

Using panic button remotely from app?


Is there a way to activate the panic button from the app?

The reason I ask is that having 3 cats, I've never been able to get the motion sensors to not trigger a false alarm, so I have them set to "personal alert". I regularly peek in on the house using a couple of SS cameras, and if I see something that's not right I would like to be able to trigger the alarm remotely. 

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Hi slugbait,

This does seem to be a common feature that folks are looking for. Right now, no, the only way to trigger a Panic Alarm is to press one of the physical buttons while you're physical onsite. The reasoning is that the Panic signal isn't just a way to trigger the siren right away. It also changes the protocol for our Monitoring operators, since they're assuming that someone is on the premises and needs assistance right away.

In the scenario that you describe, however, where you're able to see that an intruder is at your home, we would really suggest that you dial 911 yourself, to get law enforcement to your home as soon as possible.