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I was told from customer service that I can NOT stream my camera 24/ 7 after logged in either desktop, android app or android url login.
That the API software was written to timeout at a certain interval and drop the log in handshake if no action is taken on the url.
Is this a correct statement ?
If so, ENGINEERS PLEASE correct this software so customers can use the cameras as advertised. Streaming a camera 24/ 7 should NEVER be an issue.
Please advise SimpliSafe A.S.A.P. because if this is the case, I will go to another vendor.
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The cameras AND the system is not designed to stream 24/7.  It is designed to record alarm events and allow occasional "check ins".

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Why on Gods green earth wouldn't Simplisafe publish this information instead of letting all of these people continue to buy and think they have an issue with their hardware, Wifi or broadband down speed etc ?
As someone who has a degree in electronics and System Engineering and not publishing this crucial information while advertising a camera that will stream 24 7 for free is boarderline corrupt esp. being that I am disabled and have been going through phone support with SimplySafe since I bought the product.
All the writers need to do is change one option of the API for clients to prevent dropping their token handshake.
Is there any possibility of haveing an engineer perform this easy task ?
Are you sevensiamesecats a Simplisafe employee ?

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We apologize for the misunderstanding. Livestreaming is available at all times, and paired with service, the camera can record for you whenever it's triggered. But the system is not able to support livestreaming continuously 24/7.

As suggested by sevensiamesecats, our cameras are intended as an add-on to our complete home security system to catch intruders (as well as anything else going on in your home). But not exactly for surveillance.

Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

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SimpliSafe Simply marketed their product with a false pretense and published just what they said, ie stream Live 24/ 7, Free, Live.
Contrary to your remark, How on Gods green earth can someone lurking around my garage be caught if the camera won't stream 24/ 7 ?
This makes absolutely no sense.
and if this is SimpliSafes stance, why would I not be able to log on WITHOUT streaming but have the motion sensor enabled for the camera so at the VERY least the camera would start streaming the minute the motion sensor detects motion ?
I have tested every aspect of this camera system and not only does it use a token timed to log the client off the sign in url but even if one never streams ANYTHING after logging in the same token will time out as well.
Why is SimplySafe purposely adding this time out token ?
What is the purpose ?
Just dumbfounded for a security instrument to be programmed this way.
Perhaps SimpliSafe needs to update their marketing portfolio and REMOVE any and all reference to Live Free Streaming 24/ 7 as well as to stop steering individuals towards something else being wrong with the hardware, software, router, wifi, downstream bandwidth etc when you know this will happen.
How would I go about getting a refund since I purchased this new system through ebay ?