Thu, Jul 16, 2020 9:39 PM

VPN and mobile app

I just found out that the SimpliSafe app no longer works on my iPhone when the VPN is on! That isn't right. Doesn't make sense that a security based company, would eliminate another, product engaged in security and internet problems.

Please listen and change this decision.

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2 y ago

That's a problem with your VPN, not the simplisafe app.  Mine works fine through a VPN.

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2 y ago

iOS 13.5.1, SimpliSafe app Version 2074.31.0.  No issues using the VPN.  Check with your VPN provider, as all VPNs are not created equal.

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2 y ago

The issue is that something changed. I've had the same VPN that worked for 3 years. Nothing changed publicly with my VPN, but I did get an update with Simplisafe 3 days ago that made it stop working....

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7 m ago

Yes You have to eliminate the VPN in your Mobile phone to using the SimpliSafe . Because VPN has to something blocked your IP address so that why you don't use SimpliSafe properly on your mobile phone.