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Sun, May 31, 2020 7:31 AM

Warning! Carbon Monoxide Sensor not responding.

Keypad is also reporting that the CO sensor is not responding by identifying the sensor ID. It matches. I pressed the test button and it tested just fine. I immediately got a call from SimpliSafe as they noticed the test being conducted. This error doesn't clear, yet I am positive the CO monitor is working and talking to the base unit. How do I clear this bogus error?




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2 y ago

"Not responding" means the base sent a ping and did not get a response.  Since the test worked, the sensor is probably ok, so there is probably too much distance, to many obstetrical or something generating interference between the CO detector and the base.

Mine was about 10 feet from the base, but the AC ductwork (metal) was between them, so had to move the sensor.