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Fri, Jan 10, 2020 7:22 PM

Water Sensor

I just installed a water sensor. When I pulled up my online SS account it shows the sensor as Always On, and there are no options for alerts. Does this mean it will trigger my alarm if it detects water? I prefer a Secret Alert over a full blown alarm trigger with blasting siren. Are secret alerts not possible with the water sensor?



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3 y ago

No, "environmental" sensors are always active.  There is no other option.  The alert has a different sound than an intrusion, any external sirens will not sound, and although you will get a call from the monitoring company, nobody will be dispatched.

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3 y ago

Great. Thank you

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3 y ago

You will get a courtesy alert with the standard monitoring.Same applies for the temperature sensor.

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3 y ago

And I confirm receiving courtesy call for both water and temp sensor, but no dispatch.