Sat, May 16, 2020 7:57 PM

What is the network name/IP Address/MAC Address for the SimpiSafe device(s) on my wifi network?

I was searching through my home network router and there is a device there with a name like HIRKTPCOMVK5D. It lists the hardware address too.

I think that is the SimpliSafe base station, but I can't be sure.  How do I determine what IP address it uses, or the MAC address?

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On my router, it's espressif

You can check the IP by going into the Diagnostics on your keypad and looking at the wifi information.

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Yes this is by FAR the easiest and most reliable way to find the IP address and MAC.  Thanks for the tip!

My hub has a MAC starting with 10:52:1C - and espressif is listed as the manufacturer as well.

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You can determine the address/name of any device on your home network by following these steps:

1) Find in your router software where they list every device, and do a screensave of that list.  

2) Disconnect one device.  Rescan the router list and see what is missing.