Fri, Apr 24, 2020 8:21 PM

When Is Simplisafe Going to Get Cameras Back Online???

My cameras have been down over 24 hours now. Yesterday, some tech person talked me into deleting all three of my cameras and then try to add them back, only to find out what I suspected:  Simplisafe was having issues with the cameras.  I paid a fortune for these three cameras, I NEED them for my safety and they're totally useless right now. I can't even set them back up, just tried again for the millionth time.   I'm LIVID with Simplisafe right now.   Get your act together. This is inexcusable. Get the hamster back on the wheel!



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2 y ago

@ vyolin my three Simpllcams and doorbell went offline yesterday evening too, as did many others, but were back online later last evening. Appears you talked to an agent that was unaware of the outage.  Recommend you call back and ask your call to be escalated to a supervisor.

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I did.  I was told she would call me back at 4:00.  It's 4:30, no phone calls and no cameras.

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2 y ago

One of my 3 cameras went offline on 4/23 also. The other 2 were fine. It was still offline when I went to bed, but was back online the next morning.