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Thu, Oct 7, 2021 4:24 AM

When updating to a Gen 3 base station question

When updating to a gen 3 base station from a gen 2 do you also need an updated keypad? I cannot make my existing gen 2 keypad connect to my new gen 3 base station. Any info would be much appreciated, thanks.



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Yes.  I think only the cameras can work with both systems.  Otherwise, when upgrading to a Gen3 system, everything has to be replaced.



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@gt40pilot hondaman88 is correct. SS2 components will not work with SS3. Simplicams will.

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And, now with Outdoor Cam, requires additional clarification.

SS2 keypad, sensors, etc. only work with SS2 base

SS3 keypad, sensors, etc. only work with SS3 base

Indoor cam and doorbell cam are compatible with SS2 or SS3, or even standalone without a base at all (they connect by WiFi, not any connection to the base).

Outdoor cam requires a SS3 base to work, and is not backward compatible with SS2.