Mon, Sep 28, 2020 9:36 PM

When Will You Have a Battery Powered Door Bell System?

You website does not give enough specifics on the products.  I ordered the doorbell system and when I was ready to install it I found out that it requires electricity to operate.  I don't have electricity at my front door.  I have been using a battery powered chime.



Don Boozer

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Il y a 2 y

My guess is that would be very hard, if not impossible, to have something with a semblance of convenience.

A battery that could support any meaningful run time for video, night time IR illumination, voice/communication, and the necessary Wi-Fi  connection would all but certainly be larger than what could fit in a doorbell button housing.

If you don't want the camera and voice/talkback stuff that's a different thing and more possible... whether in the SS plan is a different matter.

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Ring says hi! ....

That being said, I'd much rather have SS use some tech knowledge and create a batt only doorbell (once again ring says hi) because my Rings upload times are not great, compared to SS and I miss my SS doorbell we had on the old house. SS just wants to stick their head in the sand...

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Agree with the comments.  I appreciate the SS design, functionality, and simplicity.  The lack of a battery powered doorbell is a big disatisfier.

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Battery powered doorbells are convenient, to be sure.  Especially if all one wants is visitor notifications.

But what are their security implications?  Can they be disabled by removing the battery?  How quickly do they respond to their triggers?  How quickly can they upload video to the monitoring site?  Can a battery-operated device integrate into a home security system without requiring a too frequent recharge or battery replacement?  When the doorbell is down, does that compromise the overall security?

I'm not against a battery-operated device, but I would want to make sure that SimpliSafe did some 'due diligence' as regards its effect on overall security operations.

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Il y a 8 m

SS - any update or comment on a Battery only doorbell?  Not all homes have electrical doorbell outlets and costly to install. Any insight appreciated?