Fri, Nov 15, 2019 2:29 PM

Which Nest Thermostat(s) for Simplisafe

Will the Nest Thermostat E work with Simplisafe or does it need to be the Learning Thermostat?

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Three things. First, the E is a learning thermostat (I have one). The only difference between the regular Nest and the E is that the E has a frosted display and is only compatible with about 90% of the HVAC systems that the regular one can use.

More importantly, Simplisafe/Nest integration was never useful (I had it) and is now broken for new users. All it ever did was tell the thermostat you were away when you set the alarm to away. Nest is good enough at knowing nobody is home that this is pointless.

On top of that, Google has killed the entire 'Works with Nest' program for new users, so unless you have an old Nest account that you haven't tied to your google account yet, you can't really integrate with Simplisafe anyway.

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Even if you haven't migrated, you are unable to create any new Works With Nest integrations.  Leave it to Google to kill a good thing and make decent products overly complicated.