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Mon, Oct 18, 2021 2:15 PM

Why does the WiFi on these cameras suck so badly?

I have a doorbell camera and a simplicam with the outdoor kit.

I have a mesh network with 2 satellites and they are no more than 10 feet from each of the cameras. I have 200 Mbps Internet service.

The cameras (along with a few other IoT devices) are on their own VLAN. There is no restriction on speed for this VLAN, no devices are prioritized over others.

When I run connection checks on the cameras they both show solid connections - around -40 dBm and upload speeds of almost 9 mbps.

Yet the cameras continuously disconnect from the Internet. I can be viewing live and it'll suddenly say the connection has been lost. Or I'll get a notification saying motion has been detected, I'll view part of the video and then will get the "We've lost part of recording due to internet issues".

I've dropped both cameras down to 720p thinking that would help. It hasn't.

None of the other devices on this network report Internet problems - ever. It's only the cameras.

Why does the WiFi on these devices suck so badly? Is there any hope that it'll be corrected by a firmware update in the future or is it just cheap, crappy hardware?

What good is a security camera that doesn't record when a security event occurs?

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I have to also agree with MB43. I have had numerous troubles with the Wifi with these devices. Could you please consider, WPA3 and 5 Ghz as options on future devices please!!!

I have an ASUS Mesh system with awesome coverage, other devices have no problems at all connecting and streaming, but the camera's just fail to connect or fail to stream live video constantly. Is there a time out on your DHCP IP address allocation time? The reason I say this is when I quickly retry it seems to connect the second time more often than not.

Any help appreciated.

Also, as a side note the battery charging of the camera's isn't reliable, why? I will find the correct forum to log this one.


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SS continues to have an unidentified and unresolved issue regarding their systems repeatedly dropping users' Wi-Fi connections. I am an IT professional and have documented this several times. After recently being sent an "updated" base station, all was well for @2 weeks. However, after then updating my router's Wi-Fi security settings from WPA2-PSK (TKIP) to WPA2-PSK (AES), the issue has returned and I have begun experiencing dropped Wi-Fi connections again.

Hardware issue? Software issue? Let's see how they address this issue, which if you follow the forum, appears to be continuing for may of their users.
I'm having the same issues. My outdoor camera seemed to work well for a week or two. But now I'm unable to to connect to it live. I made no changes to my network, however these problems did start after the most recent iOS App update.

I am still getting motion alerts pushed to my phone and recordings are being made, but they seem to have missed the first 15 or so seconds. So I'll get clips of someone leaving my yard or pulling out of my driveway.  SS sent me a new base station and keypad, but that has not resolved the issue. I'm really frustrated at this point. These cameras are NOT cheap, and I really need another 1 or 2 outdoor cams, but these are simply not working. I'm really suprised because the rest of my system has always worked great. If this isn't fixed in the next week or two, I'm going to have to return it and find another outdoor cam solution for my own safety.



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Could you please consider, WPA3 and 5 Ghz as options on future devices please!!!

I'm always curious why everyone wants 5 Ghz so badly when the effective distance of the 5 Ghz band is so much less than that of the 2.4 GHz band. 2.4 Ghz has more than enough bandwidth to support multiple 1080p streams and if distance is your issue with 2.4 Ghz then it's going to be even worse with the 5 Ghz band. Admittedly the 5 Ghz band is less crowded and that might be the problem but for most folks it's probably distance more than anything.

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Might be interesting with these mesh systems if the "mesh" can be temporarily turned off and function like a more traditional WiFi router/access point to see if that makes things better or worse.