Wed, Dec 26, 2018 7:31 AM

Wireless doorbell camera?

I went to install my SimpliSafe doorbell camera only to find out that my current doorbell is wireless and there aren't any wires to connect to the new doorbell camera. Is there any way to still install and use this product? Or am I out of luck? Any help or advice is appreciated!

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Il y a 4 y

If you are handy, you can install a mechanical doorbell.  Or if you have an outdoor plug close by, you could power it from a wall transformer (if it is waterproof or under a porch, etc.)

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Il y a 5 m

I have this same issue. Unfortunately this completely changed my experience with Simplisafe as I have to now return and get a new doorbell and outdoor camera so I can have monitoring within the same company as appose to having two different companies. I wish I could return everything and move on to a different company.

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Hi ashcourtt,


So sorry about your experience! But yes, the Outdoor Camera is fully wireless and battery-powered, so it might fit your needs better.