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Thu, Feb 10, 2022 3:15 PM

Wireless Interference Detected

What does "wireless interference detected" mean?  Happening about every 5 seconds

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Hello and welcome to our Community!


"Wireless Interference Detected" means just that - that there's another wireless signal that could potentially get in the way, or even drown out, the signals on your SimpliSafe system.

In this case, we're talking about the connection between the sensors and your Base Station (the tower). That uses a low frequency, so we want to look for simpler devices, like a remote controlled garage door opener, wireless weather station, or even some ham radio setups.


Resolving the issue might require moving your SimpliSafe components - especially the Base Station - away from any sources of interference, or even turning those sources off. But first, we need to identify what that problem source could be.


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Just experienced the same issue on a system that's been working fine for 2 years. The base station was going nuts with those wireless interference announcements. So, first thing I did was turn that "feature" off. (Volume to zero.)

Then, I switched off every circuit in the vicinity, one breaker at a time. No improvement.

I moved the base station around and, at a distance some 35 feet from its original location (about 5 feet from a keypad), the problem ceased. But, that wasn't good enough. It had been fine for 2 years in the other location. 

So, I gathered up all the cell phones, cordless phones, remote controls, tablets and everything else that was battery powered and put them inside a metal toolbox. (To shield the area from any radio emissions they might be generating. A Faraday cage of sorts!) I also moved the base station to a third location about halfway between the other locations. 

Problem ceased. Hmmm -  What did it? (I violated the cardinal rule of troubleshooting - MAKE ONE CHANGE AT A TIME.)

Put the base station back in the original location. Problem resumed.

HOWEVER, I got an alert that one keypad (an even greater distance away) had low batteries and would reconnect when the batteries were replaced. Hmmm again.

Checked batteries in keypads. All were below 1.18 volts. Replaced batteries. Problem solved.

All items are back in their original locations and no more interference notifications. I even turned up the base station volume! The little gal inside likely won't be nearly as frustrated now!

Lesson: Due to low battery levels in keypads, the base station **COULD** be misinterpreting the resulting poor quality signals as wireless interference.

If you have this issue, you just might want to check keypad batteries first because that is a very direct and easy thing to do. None of this wireless voodoo business. You can SEE batteries, voltmeters, etc. Wireless signals, interference to same, etc IS a different story.

If this truly is what was causing the problem that I was experiencing, I'm guessing I am not the only one. If so, SS should include this potential cause in their documentation, online support tips and forum replies. Maybe they have, in some cases. I didn't take the time to research that. But, the response to the OP's question did not mention that.


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Thanks for letting us know. A strange discovery indeed. I have reported this to our engineering team!

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An even better and more user-friendly solution would be to announce which sensor or accessory was affected by the communication interference. Easy to differentiate programmatically if it's a base station issue (interference on all sensors) or a sensor issue (interference on one sensor). 

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Just experienced the same thing.  System that has functioned fine, just started with multiple alerts.  Changed keypad batteries and it stopped.  Thanks for the suggestion. 

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You wonderful genius, it worked!

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This resolved part of the issue!