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Wed, May 18, 2022 8:23 PM

Works with Nest Thermostat - How to transfer the account to a new owner?

I have a legacy "Works with Nest" setup, where arming the Simplisafe system Away 

triggers the thermostat to think I'm away.   In 2019 this was removed by Google, but after a hue and cry old systems were allowed to work.

Has anyone sold a house with such a system and transferred the system, intact to a new owner?

The regular way of cancelling service and restarting it would break the "Works with Nest" legacy connection, as would converting the Nest account to a Google Account.  The only way is to keep it working is to leave it alone.  But, I need to transfer the system to a new buyer.  And SimpliSafe customer support gives me different and incompatible instructions each time I've tried to call them --- mostly they've never heard of the feature and don't know what to do.

Anyone done such a transfer?

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