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Wed, Dec 8, 2021 6:26 PM

Indoor camera questions (recording on sensor trigger)

Is it by design that the camera I have setup triggers a recording upon every sensor trigger?  I don't see any settings that would allow me to manipulate this behavior.

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Il y a 8 m

Hi masonfoley,

Yes, if your Indoor Camera is connected to a SimpliSafe security system, it will trigger recordings for arms, disarms, and alarms (including Secret Alerts).

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@davey_d - What's the intent of the design?  This seems a bit presumptive and inflexible...especially as more cameras are added.  It would be a better user experience to perhaps default to this but allow for the user to turn some of that off or just allow for motion triggering only...especially when the alarm system is Off or Home.  It feels odd for a basement door, for example, to trigger a camera on a completely different floor.  Especially if the user has the privacy shutter's a rather distracting noise when doors are frequently opening and shutting.

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Il y a 8 m

I actually think it no longer triggers for arms. There was some hoopla or something a while back about that.