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Wed, Feb 16, 2022 10:35 PM

Indoor camera refuses to read QR code

Have the indoor camera with the the outdoor kit on it, it was working great until one random day it decided not to work. Been troubleshooting it, resetting it, etc etc and it refuses to read the QR code to reconnect back to the system. I’ve emailed several times and have gotten no response back. I’m hard-of-hearing and prefer email or text responses.

Not sure what else needs to be done without it needing to be replaced.

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I had the exact same thing happen.  I took a screenshot of the QR code on my phone, zoomed in a bit and then the camera was able to scan it.

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@gregter​ this seemed to work because now it’s working again. It’s weird because I’ve done this before and it never worked, but now it did. Thanks

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Same issue, but @gregter was spot on...took screenshot, zoomed in slightly and boom, it recognized the qr code right away!

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Hi dsanderson91,

There's a couple of things I want to suggest. First, you mention that you already tried resetting. Is that where you press the button on the top for 16 seconds? When you release, it should reboot and then start blinking white - meaning it's ready to scan for a QR code. If it's stuck on yellow, that means it's freezing during the reboot, and we should replace it.

But assuming that the camera is ready to scan, the QR code generated by the app on your phone contains the actual SSID (WiFi name) and password for your home network. I always suggest holding both your phone and the camera on a table to keep them still, then start from 2ft away, drawing them slowly closer.

The app also includes a slider on screen, to allow you to turn the brightness of the phone screen up or down to account for the glare and lightning in the room.

@gregter's advice is solid as well; sometimes just having a larger or higher-resolution screen helps.