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Fri, May 27, 2022 6:28 PM

Entry sensor with two positions.

I currently have my entry sensor installed on my window with the large part on the frame and the small part (magnet) on the sliding window. Would I still be able to set up another magnet to allow for window to stay open a bit and still armed? Or do I need to switch places for the two parts?

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The magnets should be on parts that don't move, ie the frame. The sensor / large piece should be on the part that moves, ie the window so that the window can engage magnets in different positions.

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You can certainly do that with a second magnet. You just want the two magnets (and thus the two positions) to be more than 3 inches apart - to make sure that there's a gap in between that would be detected as "open".

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I have the same question.  But I don't think it's possible without moving both parts of the entry sensor.  

My use case is with my sliding door.  At night I want to leave it open so only the screen door is closed, glass door open (to allow for air flow).

I think I'd need to move it from my sliding glass door to the screen door -- both pieces.  Certainly not fool proof as someone could just cut the screen door, so perhaps not the best idea regardless.