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Mon, Jun 20, 2022 3:26 PM

How to stop survey emails?

They're written in JavaScript, which no modern browser will open.  Now, I'm getting a link from BLAHBLAH@simplisafe/  Not going to click on that sucker!

How do I get SimpliStupid to stop spamming me?

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2 m ago

Hello @benjaminkurata ,

You might be thinking of Java, the programming standard. JavaScript is still used across the entire web - including this Community. Do you have an adblocker or similar plugin on your browser? That can sometimes get in the way of certain pages working properly.

But those survey emails are sent out sometimes after you work with our Support team - so you can give feedback on your experience. Right now there's no way for us to stop them (I have already forwarded the suggestion to our senior staff). But those emails can also be safely ignored.