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Wed, May 4, 2022 3:56 AM

Louder Chimes?

I set up a portion of my system today and two things stood out:

- chimes are only when a door or window opens, no chime when it closes? Is that correct?

- even on the loudest volume the chime is not very loud. Can you make it louder or change the chime tone itself?

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Il y a 3 m

Hi @TheRealLeoH ,

Some great questions here.

You are correct, Door Chimes trigger only when a door or window is opened, not when it's closed.

It does sound like (pun not intended) you found the setting for the Door Chime volume. Unfortunately there is no way to change the tone at this time.

If you're interested, we also have the Wireless Siren component. On top of the main sirens for alarms, the Wireless Siren can relay the countdown chirps, as well as the Door Chime - all at much louder volumes. And of course, because it's a separate component, it can be placed anywhere in your home, or even outside.

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Il y a 3 m

Can door chimes play to google or Alexa connected devices?

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