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Tue, Jan 18, 2022 9:50 PM

Video Doorbell Pro: Can the adjustable angle brackets be doubled-up to increase the downward view?

Hi, folks. I've had good luck so far with the Video Doorbell. One challenge though...

Even with the supplied up-down angle bracket installed downwards, I can't see enough of the stoop to spot packages.  The website states, "If you need an additional, replacement, or left-right angle bracket, please contact customer support and we will be happy to supply you with one." So could an additional bracket be installed "on top" of the existing one to increase the downward view? Anyone give this a try? Thanks --

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Il y a 7 m

Hi Aperto,

The way that the angle bracket works is that it's screwed into your siding, and then the Video Doorbell is mounted onto it. So they're not really designed for stacking in the way that you mention. Thought there might be third-party solutions with a greater angle than the included one.


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Got it -- thanks for the speedy reply!