Wed, Feb 5, 2020 5:28 AM

Email Verification

is Webapp a third party app?  Who is Webapp?  Since January 27, 2020, the login page defaulted to Webapp and added an email verification every time I logined to my account.  Why requiring every time?  Everyone knows email is not secure, freely given, and I am worried that someone else intercepting the email link that Simplisafe sent for verification and taking control of my account!  Financial institutions can tell whether a device is new or not, and do not require verification every time if it's from the same device, and will advice when a different device is used.  Please advice what is Webapp, why have to login from it and not from the Simplisafe website, why email verification needs to be used every time when logging in.  Thanks.
Sally Armstrong

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Il y a 3 y

I use a Mac PC to login my Simplisafe account, and for security reasons,  no email account is set up on the Mac PC.  Normally, I turn off Wifi and put iPhone on the airplane mode so to prevent unwanted access from iPhone to the PC.  Now, with this email verification requirement, I have to leave the Wifi on, also the added risk of going through an email and worry about someone can intercept the verification link and breaking into my PC!  Please explain the Webapp, and why it is necessary to login from Webapp.  Also, I would like to see the email verification eliminated.



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Il y a 3 y

It's an issue they are aware of, it seems they are trying to implement 2FA in some form or another but it's not working as intended.  We just have to put up with it until they work out a solution.