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Heat Sensors or Temperature Sensors

My new insurance company, Chubb, requires that my home is installed with heat sensors.  I ordered these from SimpliSafe.  The certificate that they gave me however does not say heat sensor but rather Water/freeze sensor.  Here is what I got from my agent who contacted Chubb Insurance:

"I received back confirmation from Chubb who specifically confirmed the following: "The alarm certificate is sufficient as it is being monitored. The heat sensors we need verification of what they will install and if they will be monitored. We were told that Simplisafe does NOT do heat sensors.'

If you can obtain some sort of work order from SimpliSafe before signing up for any installation of the additional items - I can submit this to Chubb for prior approval."

This is a major problem for me! Unless I have documentation that the proper heat sensors are installed in my home, I will have to cancel Simplisafe.
I have spent hours on the phone now with no less than 6 reps and all reassure me that the sensors are used by all for heat and cold but verbal assurance is not enough.  Beware of this if you have a top insurance provider!  Has anyone had that problem?



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@ jpe367 my brother worked for Chubb for over 40 years and had told me in the past that the bulk of your insurance discount will be predicated not on burglary or fire monitoring, but in fact, water sensors. Majority of claims are for water damage.

Now for your semantics issue. SS has smoke sensors,...check.  They have a sensor that can measure/monitor and notify for below x (so your pipes don't freeze, burst and cause that water damage) and above y (that is going to do the exact same thing for hot conditions.  I would suggest , as my brother recommends, get another insurance company if the dollars at stake are that significant  (he doubts it).  As for me, Liberty Mutual is just fine with my SS certificate as is.  Good luck with your ongoing negotiations.