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I took it upon myself to learn on Youtube how someone is bypassing my system (search "simplisafe rogue keypad" in Youtube). Note: I am unable to get wifi here and at Simplisafe's suggestion, I just started standard monitoring today.

I called for help. The first tech support woman argued with me because I couldn't find my keypad serial number and when I asked to speak to her supervisor, she hung up on me. (She insisted that there was a serial number on the back of the keypad and ... no.) The second one, after I called back, had no clue and no business even answering the phone. She said she would have someone call me back, but her system wasn't working, so she couldn't even do that.

So Simplisafe, no, you are not "here for me" at this very stressful time when your system is failing me repeatedly. Do you have intelligent people with actual knowledge of your system that I can acess with some secret number or password or am I just SOL???

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Hi @lorimac0260,

As we mentioned in reply to your other thread, this bug was patched almost a year ago and required the culprit to gain physical access to your Base Station without first triggering the alarm.

With regards to your recent calls with support, rest assured that we will look into the calls you mentioned because no SimpliSafe representative should be hanging up rudely on anyone.

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