Wed, Jan 15, 2020 3:16 PM

System armed in away mode with no user input

Late last night, the system armed into away mode with no user input. Well, my spouse heard the countdown begin and she was able to arm back into home mode before the countdown ended. This had us on edge. I swept the entire home to ensure no one had found their way in during the minimal time in which the alarm was off (~5 minutes). The countdown was initiated by the 'Simplisafe App'. There is no way this could've happened with our devices. Only prior activity was arming in home mode two hours before. Anyone have any thoughts? I have read a few threads regarding this with no answers. I don't understand why this happened. At least it was going into away mode and not being turned off. My fear is that it will turn off with no user input.



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Il y a 3 y

There are other reports of this happening - unfortunately, those users never reported back if they contacted SS about it, and how it was resolved (if, in fact, it was resolved).

Please call SS and ask for a senior supervisor to investigate this for you - try calling at 9 am (ET) in the mornings when they first open, press #1 for sales, then ask for a supervisor.  If they tell you they don't know what happened, ask that an engineer look into this and to followup with you promptly (you have to stay on top of them!) - if possible, give them a time you can be available at home to discuss the issue and the resolution, if any.

If you're comfortable with it, please post what SS tells you (leaving out personal/security details of course).