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Volume of keypad

I have the old Simplisafe system. I also have an older family member who has difficulty hearing the keypad.  Do you guys know if the keypad for the new system is louder (or is at a different pitch) than the old system so that an older person can hear it better? Thanks.  KC

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Hi @kcc,

While the Keypad for the All-New SimpliSafe system does have similar beeps, there may be another option. If the problem is that the family member is not hearing the Entry Delay beeps and is letting the alarm get triggered as a result, then the Auxiliary Siren may be able to help. The Auxiliary Siren can mimic those Entry Delay beeps that the Keypad makes which may work for your situation. To enable the Entry Delay beeps on the Auxiliary Siren, follow these steps:

  1. Slide your Wireless Siren up off of the bracket, and walk over to the Base Station.
  2. Repeatedly press the black Programming button located on the back of your Wireless Siren until you hear 2, "Beeps.' Your Wireless Siren will now mimic entry delay countdown beeps.
  3. Adhere your Wireless Siren back to the bracket.
  4. Repeat these steps with all of your Wireless Sirens if you want them to mimic the entry delay countdown beeps as well.

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