Sat, May 2, 2020 12:45 AM

When system is set to home and the system gets triggered by a device set to instant trigger

I was just informed by a SimpliSafe employee that if my alarm is set to home in an instant trigger set device gets triggered in my alarm sounds the simply safe company will not call me until 30 seconds of time has passed. I believe that is way too long. If someone entered my home while I was sleeping and my alarm was set to home - 30 seconds before you call me more than likely they could've already got to me and robbed my house and left before you even called my phone. In all 30 seconds to wait to call is way too long of a time frame... especially if the system is set to home and an instant trigger device gets triggered ... this should 100% be changed.... or at least u should have the option to change that call time--. Maybe 5sec. 15sec. And 30sec should be a choice I get to make..... if u count to 30sec and it takes that long before u even call me to make sure things are ok then that is totally too long .!!!



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See my response to your other post about this

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Wouldn't your alarm be going off, so you would know someone had intered someware.