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Tue, Feb 8, 2022 6:37 PM

Base unit not beeping on entry in AWAY mode

I'm having an issue with my Original Simplisafe when I arm the system in AWAY mode and leave the house.  When I return, the base unit does not beep or display any message indicating that the PIN is required.  We therefore assume that we forgot  to set it.  Then a minute or two later, the siren goes off.  The system has worked flawlessly for years.  The batteries have been replaced but the problem persists.

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6 m ago

Hi thosga,

This is actually the intended behavior - at least for the Base Station (the tower). When any Entry, Motion, or Glassbreak Sensor is triggered, the countdown will begin. While that's happening, the Base Station will not make any sounds. The light on the Base Station will also turn off. This is so it can do its best to hide, and buy time for the countdown to complete.

However, if you're talking about the Keypadthat should be chirping, and also prompting you to enter the PIN.

If not, there might be a communication issue between the Base Station and Keypad. I'm not sure which batteries you replaced, buy if it was the Keypad, it should be working at full power now. So the more likely culprit in this situation is interference.

Interference can be caused by dense physical objects literally getting in the way of the signal. That could be brick walls, mesh insulation, heavy appliances, etc. If your Base Station is set up on top of a fridge, on a wire shelf, or inside a closet, that could also cause a lot of physical interference.

Or it could be caused by other wireless signals drowning out the one from your alarm system. Since the equipment uses a low-frequency signal, you're looking for simple devices that you wouldn't normally think would be a problem; think remote controlled garage door openers, weather stations, anything like that.

Resolving the issue of course means identifying potential causes, and lessening their impact as much as possible.