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Tue, Feb 15, 2022 11:01 PM


3rd party integration

Boxes with a simple switched input and output to allow use of 3rd party sensors & sirens.  Why?

- garage doors etc that require a tough sensor for a particular opening style.

- triggering from other systems

- 3rd party external sirens, simplisafe one is so meek.

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3 m ago

Plus one to this. 3rd party ecosystem integration appears to be very poor.

I've invested heavily in door/window sensors. I would like to see a webhook or MQQT support such that the base station can act as a bridge to a wider smart home ecosystem (home assistant, etc). Given the base station is powered and already receives events from all the sensors this shouldn't be that hard - e.g. wont have an impact on the battery life of the sensors, etc. as the heavy lifting can be done from the base station. Current polling integration just doesn't cut it.