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Fri, Jan 21, 2022 1:03 AM


Base Station Chime & Silent Alert

I've found I cannot have my cake and eat it too apparently. I like the secret alert push notification to my when when an entry sensor is triggered. I'd also like for the base station to chime as well. Base station will chime when silent alert is disabled on a sensor (i.e. front door). When silent alert is enabled, the base station does not chime - I'd like both. 

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Thanks for the suggestion! As the name implies, Secret Alerts really are meant to be secret - which is why the Door Chime is disabled at that time.

So what you're asking for is a non-secret alert in Off Mode. I'll pass that on to our devs.

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@davey_d​ I also would love this feature

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@davey_d​ Same here, Davey, this is what I've run into recently and probably what occurred on that other post I had inquired about. Just an option would be great.

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I appreciate the support Davey. You are correct, an option to enable push notifications to my phone for triggered sensors and door chime from the base station is what I'm looking for. :)

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I would really love the option to have a push notification and a chime from base station at the same time.

This is really useful for when Im out and can see sensors being trigger but also if my wife is home she is alerted if she is moving around the house without the need of her phone.

Also very helpful if a babysitter is home and she can hear sensor triggers but we have push notification when we are out.

Thank you.

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I ran into this recently and would love this functionality. It would be greatly helpful (just having that option of settings alone).

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plus one on having the audible chime and secret mode for when I'm away and family is home.  

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This would be really great, because I love having the notification of the door opening when I’m not home, but want to hear the chime when I’m at home (because I don’t always have my phone immediately on hand) without having to switch the settings constantly. Please add this feature! :) 

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Agreed.  I like the notifications on my phone but my wife and family would like the base unit to chime.

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Testing out a paid plan but don't think I'll keep it because it doesn't offer what I want. 

When the system is set as "Off" I want to both get an alert on my phone and still have a chime sound. 

When I'm home I want people who enter to hear the chime - but I also want a notification on my phone in case I'm out of audible range of the chime. 

I understand the purpose of "secret alert" and think there are good applications for that - but there needs to be an "chime alert" option as well. 

This would also be useful if you forget to arm your system and leave the property. A person entering would hear the chime and know they were being monitored and I would get a phone alert letting me know to check in/set my alarm. 

Seems like a fairly easy function to add. 

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Just posted a similar message before finding this thread. Hoping the dev teams would have an update here as it's been 7+ months since first suggested. 

You're not always in earshot of the chime so would be great get an alert at the same time. Plus if you leave your home and forget to arm your system, anyone who enters would still hear the chime and you'd get an alert on your phone to check-in and/or arm your system. 

Most other security systems have this ability - and since since SimpliSafe has both here, seems like it'd be easy to just create a "Chime Alert" option in addition to the "Silent Alert". 

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I just spent a good amount of time on tech support attempting to verify/understand this lack of capability as well.    I want to arm in HOME mode - e.g. to protect my street side doors and windows while in the house -- but need the chime active (along with SMS or notification alerts in case I'm out of earshot of the base station) in case a grandchild goes out a rear patio door toward the pool.   Also helps me know someone is through a door or window that's not currently alarmed while I'm at HOME in HOME mode.       Works perfectly if I leave the alarm OFF, but goes silent if I put the alarm in HOME.   Huh?    What logic is that?   They recommended alarming everything which is a silly option when there are people in and out of the rear patio.      Ugh.

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