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Wed, Jan 19, 2022 12:35 PM


Bulk Delete Videos

Add the ability to select multiply videos and delete the selected videos. I had a outdoor camera start recording at 3:00am every three minutes. This created 60 videos to delete. Deleting them one at a time takes forever.

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Il y a 4 m

Come on, Simplisafe. Your customers have been asking for a way to bulk delete videos for at least three years. Please stop ignoring your customers. I have hundreds of videos on my iPhone and cannot delete them except going one by one through a muti-step process to delete them. This is ridiculous.

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@tomgrace44​ It is strange this hasn't been addressed or responded to. It should be simple to fix and address (especially for how long it's been occurring for)? I'm wondering if there's a reason, it's definitely surely strange and makes you wonder (including whether a third-party is to "blame" or at-play here). It makes you think, at least.

It took them forever to even allow you to delete videos, now you can't bulk delete them? It almost sounds like that it is on-purpose or a reason behind it, since when they made the ability to delete them available, you would think the engineer/software developers would have thought of bulk deleting videos as one of the main things involved.

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Il y a 1 m

A bulk delete feature is badly needed, it can't be that difficult to add this feature to the App and the online Portal.  C'mon man.

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Il y a 16 d

Same here don’t understand why no bulk delete option. Like the system but lacks features! 
1. Bulk delete 

2. Activate outdoor cameras when I decide or when system armed

3. Camera shutters open automatically when system armed

4. Activate cameras individually or all at the same time, including indoor camera shutters.

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Il y a 16 d

SimpliSafe- this is 2022! how can you not have “bulk delete” feature for removal of videos that are no longer needed? 

I have Zmodo web cameras and they have “select all” or “select individual “ for deletion of their motion detection videos, and it’s on their “free” app version. 


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Il y a 13 d

This should be standard feature.  Crazy to have to do one by one.

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Il y a 13 d

The longer I have the SimpliSafe system the more I know bulk delete is needed. Also, the ability to activate outdoor and indoor cameras when system is armed or when users choose to activate.