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Mon, Mar 21, 2022 2:59 PM


Custom arming modes (beyond just home and away) with more granular control

I propose an optional advanced mode that would allow us to create additional custom arming modes.  Within advanced mode, instant trigger status could be defined on a per arming mode, per device basis (as opposed to just globally for each device). 

A few examples of why "Home" isn't quite specific enough:

  • Some people are home: Garage motion = secret alert only, all house motion sensors disabled
  • Everyone is home: Garage motion = instant alarm, all house motion sensors disabled
  • Everyone is home and sleeping: Garage motion = instant alarm, all entry sensors become instant triggers, certain house motion sensors enabled
  • Away: Garage motion = secret alert only, certain door sensors are no longer instant triggers, all house motion sensors enabled

The keypads obviously only have home and away buttons, but that could be mitigated a number of ways - one option would be to long press Home on the keypad (if you have advanced mode enabled), then just enter the number that correlates with the custom mode you've created (Home 1, Home 2, etc).  Since this isn't the default interaction method, this shouldn't mess up any current users or change the way they need to do anything.  Power users would be fine with putting in a little extra work to get a higher degree of control.  The keypads could easily display additional status labels  like "Home 2" or "Custom 2", so the change would mostly likely come down to altering the way device attributes are stored to enable more than 3 states (with instant trigger flags no longer being state global for any given device), adding additional supported responses to the internal API, and modifying the web app layout for device management to support more than 3 columns.  Maybe you even cap it to 3 or 4 custom arming modes to prevent people from blowing up the web page layout or using too much memory.

I say this all as if it would be no big deal to just code it in an afternoon :) clearly it would be a major change and take some work, but I feel like there would be a significant payoff for power users, and it would be quite a market differentiator, especially when you think about the type of person that would be writing reviews of DIY security systems (i.e. security minded tinkerers / home automation buffs).  Thoughts anyone?

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