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Thu, Apr 14, 2022 1:21 PM


Doorbell Camera Notification

While mowing or doing any activities around the camera, it gets annoying getting all of the camera motion alerts.  Would it be possible to "snooze" the recordings or alerts?  Maybe have a prompt come up, after a couple of immediate alerts, and say "snooze alerts for x minutes"?




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4 m ago

@hawkcad, nice idea and I second that! Shouldn't be that hard to implement.

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2 m ago

How has SimpliSafe not added this feature yet?! Or thought of it in the first place!! Terribly annoying to get constant notifications when it’s just us, lawn service, etc.

Offering a 3D Touch (on iPhone anyway) options to snooze alerts for various periods of time (say 30min, 1hr, or 8hr) would be amazing!

Going through all the taps to turn motion detection completely off, and then having to remember to turn them back on is so early 2000s!