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Thu, May 12, 2022 2:57 AM

Easy camera disable.

I have an outside camera that covers my back yard and patio. I want it to detect motion most of the day and alert me, but when I'm home and want to enjoy the patio I have to turn it off or suffer constant motion warnings, then I have to remember to turn it back on or it is worthless.  it is troublesome to navigate in the app to turn off motion sensing, and it would be nice if there was a "Disable motion sensing for x minutes" feature that was easy to get to, or maybe better to set times of the day that the camera would be inactive so I don't have to turn it off when I get home and back on before going to bed, or even link it to the alarm itself.  Something to make it easier.

Finally it greatly reduces the battery life if it is recording me for 3 hours everyday while my family and I are in the back yard.

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Il y a 3 m

The notifications for the outside camera really need to be updated so you can set it to receive notifications only when in Home or Away modes.

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Il y a 3 m

YES! They absolutely need to offer more control over this. I want that notification to be on even when the alarm is off so I can see when guests come over or whatever, but if my kid is playing in the front yard my freaking phone won't stop buzzing. "Snooze for X minutes" needs to happen!