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Wed, Feb 2, 2022 9:48 AM


Have Mobile App Tell You An Entry Sensor Is Open When Armed In A Very Prominent Way That Can't Be Missed

I can't believe this doesn't already happen and this has to be asked for but...

Please make the mobile app generate an alarm, a pop up, a confirmation box or SOMETHING to tell you that, when arming via mobile app, there is an entry sensor open. Right now it doesn't unless you manually check the system status. (And even then you might have to manually refresh to see an accurate current state.)

If I'm home and set the alarm I get an audible vocal alert from the base station telling me that there's an open entry sensor. Why on earth doesn't the app give me a giant pop up / confirmation box telling me the same?!

I'm not looking for workarounds for this either - I want this specific functionality that gives me an alert based on a real time status. Feel free to share those work arounds because others might find them useful but nothing short of the mobile giving me a pop up and/or forcing me to confirm I understand there's an entry sensor open is going to work for me.

1 m ago

Yes! This seems like a no-brainer, required feature. Needs to ship ASAP.