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IFTTT Integration?


The lack of formal IFTTT support is quickly becoming a thorn in my side, especially with alternatives like https://www.scoutalarm.com . I have read many accounts of your customers looking to integrate your otherwise awesome service with the rest of the house, including smart lights, HVAC, and security camera. I've learned that it is much BETTER to integrate than trying to corner the market for everything by cornering yourself off.

IFTTT is quickly becoming (or rather become) the standard, and shouldn't present a serious problem for SS programmers to create an integration. Please 1) let me know if I can help in any way and 2) explain why IFTTT isn't offered yet/when it will be offered/why it isn't on your development roadmap.

Thank you,

Alex (a happy, loyal customer who really wants to see you continue to succeed, but will have to start considered alternatives soon)

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Yeah I think I will be avoiding simplisafe when I get my next alarm system purely because of their closed garden approach and failure to integrate IFTT. I've had my system for a long time and am due for an upgrade. Guess they will be losing me as a customer. So it goes. I write software for a living and the lack of an IFTT integration is purely a business decision - they clearly do not care about their customers. Happy to take my business elsewhere if I am not important to simplisafe.

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Please add IFTTT! I couldn't agree more. I'm a simple man...all I want is to trigger my myQ garage door lights to come on when I open the door for my house to my garage. Is that too much to ask?



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@craigkey, it sounds to me that it IS too much to ask - for a SECURITY system.

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I see there is no answer. I agree. We need IFTTT channels for simplisafe, primarily as triggers so that arm or disarm commands will then trigger other actions!

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I was able to get SimpliSafe integrated into IFTT, but it took a bit to configure.

To start, you need to create a new email account somewhere. I just created a new Gmail for this purpose. Once you have that, you need to enable IMAP. For Gmail, you also need to allow "Less Secure Apps" to access your account.

In the SimpliSafe app, go to notifications and create a new email notification for whatever kind of system alerts you want to track. Have it send to alerts to the new email you created.

On a computer, install EventGhost (a freeware automation system) and install the email plugin: https://github.com/EventGhost/EventGhost/tree/master/plugins/E-mail

Load the plugin into EventGhost and set it up to work with your IMAP account. Once you have a connection, set up an Email Observation action that scans your new inbox for any email containing "SimpliSafe" in the subject. Have it create a new event with the subject as the event name. Make sure you change the interval to 1 minute (don't see a way to make it quicker). If all went well, every time you get an email from SimpliSafe, you should see an event pop into your EventGhost log with the subject name.

Now, in EventGhost, create a macro for each SimpliSafe alert you want to integrate into IFTTT. Drag the event from the event from the log into the macro and have the action be a python script. The script should be:

import urllib

This will send each event to IFTTT. In IFTTT, create a new recipe with Webhooks as the IF. Change the event name to whatever you put as "YOUR-ACtION-NAME" in the python script. Now you can select whichever THAT you want to automate your own stuff.

Personally, I have it set up so that my Wyze Cams turn on/off motion notifications when the system is armed or disarmed. There is a delay of up to one minute, so things may not happen automatically.

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IFTTT. Yes please, can I have it now? please please? Please?

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I know this is a thread about IFTTT however Home Assistant has an integration with Simplisafe that will do most of what everyone on this thread is hoping for.
Which as soon as it is integrated into Home Assistant you can do just about anything you'd like.

There is currently support for the following device types within Home Assistant:

  • Alarm Control Panel: reports on the current alarm status and can be used to arm and disarm the system.

  • Lock: Reports on Door Locks and can be used to lock and unlock a lock.


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I encourage SimplySafe to integrate with https://ifttt.com/

If This Then That is not tied to the Google or Amazon mega ecosystems, and is neutral to the connecting parties.  SimpliSafe would be welcome, not locked out because of proprietary or competitive reasons among the Internet giants.


Alternatively, SS could introduce a device with a "dry contact" that goes on and off with the arming status, and clever individuals could use that to do the same function.


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@brycen​ I moved your comment to this thread. As you can see, it's a long-running request. I figured it was worth bringing back to our devs' attention.

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IFTTT would be great with hue, we have their external lights and it'd be cool to be able to cue a blue scene on alarm trigger.  I'm not holding my breath though, as simplisafe seems like a dormant product now.