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Tue, Feb 8, 2022 10:06 PM


Instant Trigger Customization with Home and Away Mode

It would be beneficial to setup 'Instant Trigger' differently for home and away. For example, I may not want instant trigger on my garage door and/or windows in Home Mode, but I would want it on in Away mode. 



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Il y a 6 m

I am not sure I have ever read this suggestion. However, except for my front door, I have my Intrusion Sensors set to Instant Trigger. So your example makes sense, but I think I have always felt that I want any sensor to sound immediately at home or away. If I need to turn off the alarm before resetting it to open a window, etc., that is one thing. However, it becomes of significant concern when it is someone else.

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Il y a 6 m

I would also like this capability.  So in home mode (at night), it would instant alarm, but in away mode (when I am returning home) it would be a delayed alarm.

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Il y a 2 m

This is what I want too.