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Wed, Jan 5, 2022 6:41 PM

Outdoor camera battery level %

I noticed recently that in the webapp under the Devices menu, the outdoor camera battery levels changed from a percentage readout to a battery symbol. I find the battery symbol not as useful as the percentage readout. Can this be changed back to the percentage readout in the webapp? Also, can the android phone app be change to percentage readout vs the battery symbol for the outdoor cameras?

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Il y a 7 m

I prefer the percentage vs the battery icon as well.

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Il y a 7 m

Hi kgildemast,


Thanks for the suggestion. I'll forward to our dev team.

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Il y a 7 m

Thanks for forwarding to dev team. But, to repeat, the webapp under the Devices menu, used to show % and somehow it was changed to a battery icon.

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Il y a 7 m

Please change it back to percentage readout.

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Il y a 6 m

show charge percentage would be more useful for determining charging status with solar panels, etc.

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Il y a 2 m

I recall recently seeing a gauge showing the battery level in green for a camera that had a well charged batter and in red for a battery that had a low charge level.  It also showed  a relative level of charge in the icon.  I don't remember if it was in the app or on the web page.

Is it still there and if so, where is it.

The black icon that just shows a lightning bolt when the batter is charging is pretty much useless.