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Reorder/rearrange cameras in app and browser

Is there a way in the iPhone app and/or PC browser to reorder or rearrange the cameras other than uninstalling and reinstalling in a different order? If not, please add this ability.



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3 y ago

@ leenmel5496, unfortunately, at this time, there is no practical way of doing this other than what you already described.  It has been requested before, years ago and maybe someday SS will get around to it.  There are many other things I would like SS to do first, however, like 2FA and the CRC implementation.

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Me too.                             
The cameras show up in the app in the order they are installed, and there is no way to rearrange them.  That is a big miss.  I'm going to have to uninstall and reinstall the camera I want on top.  Pain in the butt.  And like 2FA, CRC, and so many other useful requested features, manual rearrangement will never be implemented.

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3 y ago

Agree.  This would be nice for the new door locks as well as the cameras.

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3 y ago

The cameras arrange in alphabetical order. I just titled mine using a number first (1,2,3, etc) then the camera name and the app arranged them in the order of the numbers. Much easier than re-installing.

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I tried adding number in front and it didn't change anything except having a number in front. Is there anything else you did?

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In the app, it's indoor cameras first in alphabetical order, then outdoor cameras.

On the desktop, it's still in the order you added them.