Fri, Mar 12, 2021 2:40 AM


Require PIN to arm the system

Is there any way to require a PIN on the keypad when arming (home / away) the system. As a business operator, it seems strange that customers would be able to set the alarm.  Perhaps an option could be added to the Create custom PINS dialog, such as: PIN required for: Off (default yes) Home (default no) Away (default no)

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2 y ago

It probably is odd for a business/commercial grade system. However, commercial/business exposure in that regard wasn't the design intent of theSimpliSafe system/use case, but clearly there has been scope creep.

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2 m ago

i’d like this feature. seems the only answer is to physically hide the keypad to prevent “accidental” arming

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2 m ago

I've just installed a new system at home and was surprised that there is no option to require a pin to arm the system. I have young kids at home who also have friends visiting them, so it's just a matter of time before one of them will press home/away button. As a software developer I'm kind of certain that this can be done programmatically, so please consider adding this behavior to the system. 

I just checked and Ring Alarm System does support this functionality. So rather strange that SimpliSafe does it differently.