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Thu, Sep 22, 2022 5:17 PM


Sensor Open Notification Needed In The App When Arming!

When arming the system with a sensor open, the base station will alert you "warning, sensor open." 

However, for example, if I am arming the system from the app while leaving in my car or when I am away from home (say I forgot to do it when I left), there is no way for me to know if a sensor is open. For all I know, my front door could be wide open and I would have no clue.

This seems like a very important feature that needs to be added to the app in the near future.

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Thanks for submitting your request!

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Yes, this needs to be added. Even when I'm working in my office or at night we may arm the system in home mode from our bedroom using the app because we forgot while we were downstairs, we can't hear the base station and just the other day it said our backdoor sensor was open (it wasn't, but I've noticed sometimes the sensors get "confused" and think they are still open) but it wasn't noticed until the next morning when there was the warning icon on the keypad.