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SimpliSafe and CarPlay?

I had a thought while trying to go to sleep last night. It would be great to have CarPlay enabled in the iOS app. With more and more auto manufacturers integrating CarPlay into their vehicles, it would be a quality of life improvement for many. It would make pulling up in the driveway, opening the garage door, and disarming SimpliSafe a breeze. Additionally, it would also make arming my system, as I pull away from the house, more convenient. Yea, I have a key fob for these purposes, but my Honda utilizes keyless entry/starting, so once keys go into my pocket, it would be nice to not have to pull out either the fob or unlock my phone to arm/disarm the system.

It wouldn't need all the bells and whistles for account and device management, just the ability to arm and disarm, and possibly send push notifications.




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SS is not eager to integrate with other companies, because it creates the potential for a hole in secuirty.  Worse, if the other company makes a change, it can disable part of SS, forcing them to change or discontinue the function..

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Not trying to be contentious, but this would be totally under SimpliSafe's control. CarPlay apps are just companion apps of an iOS app, just like the existing Apple Watch app, coded by SimpliSafe themselves (or whoever codes their apps). All changes would be completely under SimpliSafe's control.

They would just have to want to do it, and we all know how that goes...


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Hi @LazyBrewer,

Thanks for the suggestion as well as the explanation. We have forwarded your ideas to our dev team to consider.

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I agree. I was just thinking this myself today! Would be nice to be able to open the app on my screen in the car. Again, I understand security risks and if they have concerns then by all means they should avoid it, but I do hope they entertain it. I mean, it is on Amazon Echo so you can Ask Alexa to do some things, albeit, limited.  

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My thoughts exactly. So much fumbling. If Apple Carplay allowed for Simplisafe to function while enabled, I’d be able to hit “Home/Away” (depending on if people are still inside) when i drive off and “Off” as i’m pulling up. This really needs to be addressed and taken to the IOS development team. And as far as security is concerned…I’m able to utilize my Simplisafe through my apple watch already (incredibly similar functionality and interface). Plus, i’m not really sure what possible security concerns would arise from making the application accessible through Carplay that don’t already exists. Maybe Simplisafe can start the process with Apple to get it done, but it definitely can and should get done..

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@Robby_B​ thanks for the reply.  I mean of course I’d never want them to do anything to Jeopardize security but what is the difference if it’s on my iPhone and mirroring through CarPlay??  I can tell Alexa to run my alarm on. Alexa is an external system.  So i don’t get that.  

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I came across this post trying to make the recommendation that SimpliSafe develop a CarPlay compatible app.  This is an excellent idea that would add useful functionality to arming/disarming the system.  Camera viewing and account modifications would not need to be made through the carplay interface.