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Thu, Mar 3, 2022 5:03 PM


Switched Outlet Module

We could use a switched outlet module that could be integrated to the system and tied to individual sensors.


- Turn on a lamp when an entry sensor is opened and/or motion detected. This, in addition to immediately startling an intruder, would also provide a little light to set down the grocery bags on the counter before disarming at the keypad.

- Tied to motion sensors during [Home] mode it would light a darkened room when entered. To get to the kitchen from our living room, we walk through a dark dining room. It could light the way and turn back off after a specified interval.

- And something I just thought of: Be tied to the siren so that the hearing impaired can "see" an alarm.

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This is a great idea 

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I'll second this idea.  General smart home features would be great when integrated with SimpliSafe.

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How about having the ability to remotely switch lights on for times you are away longer than expected?

Totally dark house screams "no one is home!"

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I've been asking for the same thing for several years. I wanted to turn on an outdoor siren.

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A controllable, switchable, plug-in "lamp module" is a fundamental part of any smart home security system. These types of devices are everywhere now (X10 was making powerline-controlled lamp modules as far back as the 70's). This is a device that is SORELY lacking from SimpliSafe's lineup. Hopefully their engineering/marketing teams browse this forum and will see these posts. We ALL need this module. This type of device is very inexpensive to design and manufacture. I'm not sure why SimpliSafe has yet to offer this device after all these years!