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Sun, Mar 6, 2022 8:36 PM

Way to “Mute/Silence” Motion Detection on outside cameras or doorbell

Hi. Is there a way to Pause or mute/silence Motion Detection on outside cameras and doorbells. For example- today my husband and I were outside working (so it is US setting the motion off) and by the time we were done my phone battery was flat dead between the two outdoor cameras and the doorbell constantly waking up. 
It would be awfully nice to have a Silence for 30 minutes button/setting so like the yard guy mowing my lawn doesn’t drain my battery?

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Il y a 5 m

On the outdoor camera you can turn off motion detection. Then turn back on later.



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That is, at best, a poor workaround and not a tenable long term solution. It also has a huge potential for real repercussions if you forget to turn the camera back on.

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Il y a 4 m

Bump! This is a must have setting!

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Il y a 4 m

I am looking for a solution for this problem as well! Currently we put a piece of painters tape over over the camera to stop setting it off.

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@romycbc​ you could just disable Motion Detection in the settings. But as previously mentioned, there's currently no way to do that only for certain modes; it's all or nothing.

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Il y a 2 m

How has SimpliSafe not added this feature yet?! Or thought of it in the first place!! Terribly annoying to get constant notifications when it’s just us, lawn service, etc.

Offering a 3D Touch (on iPhone anyway) options to snooze alerts for various periods of time (say 30min, 1hr, or 8hr) would be amazing!

Going through all the taps to turn motion detection completely off, and then having to remember to turn them back on is so early 2000s!  

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Il y a 1 m

Simply safe is way behind on this.  Ring has had this feature for a long time.  Really annoying when you have multiples cameras to have to go into the settings for each one to turn off notifications temporarily.

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Il y a 1 m

It is nuts to me that motion detection and notifications are on when I have the system disarmed and we are home. Why would I want to get a notification every time I let the dog out? We use our backyard constantly, so I am constantly getting pinged. The idea that I have to turn off motion sensing, and then remember to turn it back on each time I arm the system is bonkers. This really needs to be addressed asap.

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Il y a 2 d

Following, I really thought this wouldn't be an issue. So disappointed.