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Wed, Feb 16, 2022 7:50 PM

We need You! User Experience Study with Purdue University


The fine folks at Purdue University are looking for volunteers to help with a research project on User Experience Design. The team has partnered with SimpliSafe to gather insights to improving many parts of your user journey, such as the hardware Test Mode, the 72-hour Practice period for Monitoring, and the overall experience as you continue to use your system. The Purdue team believes that your experiences with SimpliSafe products would be a big help in guiding their research, and is inviting our users to participate.

If you feel comfortable, they would love to schedule a time for a questionnaire and a brief discussion of your thoughts and opinions. Your interview should take no longer than 30 minutes over Zoom, but if you have another preferred method, the team would be happy to accommodate.

If you’re interested, please contact Daniel Chin at dschin@purdue.edu!



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Il y a 6 m

Email sent. Since my son (and money) went to beautiful West Lafayette, it will be fun to work with their team.


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Il y a 3 m

I recently left ADT to go with Simply Safe to secure my property. I have 4 motion detectors to cover 3 separate levels of my house and 4 door sensors. My question is, will Simple Safe ever program the base station to tell you which field device was activated during an alarm event? That would be a huge help when in home mode to let you know where the breach in security took place. Expanding on what they have or making it possible for the base station to give a  breach location would be unbeatable. It would also be very valuable to the people in the house to know where the intruder is and how much time you have to secure your family or fight 

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